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  1. If I purchase the game via the Humble Widget on the game’s page, will that give me access to the Android version, or just the PC version? I tried the game out on and I liked it but felt that it was clearly better suited to touch.


    1. Hi,

      No, they are not connected. I understand that there might be some valid reasoning on having access to both, but it is impossible for me right to manage that.
      — EDIT: Hang on, I’ll check with the Humble people to see if there might be a way to manage that.

  2. Hi There,

    earlier today I read the article posted about your game flip. It took me around 3 minutes until I had bought it for windows! Awesome! It got even better when I found out, that I can also play it on my phone(the flip website doesnt really tell) and that there is a demo for free. Now I would like to buy all the levels for the mobile version. Its a little bummer that I need to register a credit card to do so, since I would reluctant to do so and I really just dont have one.
    I wanted to ask if there is another way to get those levels? Like another shop with paypal or something?
    Also I was wondering why I could not buy the mobile version together with the windows version from humblebundle?

    In any case thanks for a great puzzle game and I hope to hear from you soon,
    all the best,

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