Final steps towards Flip 2016 release

Although I’ve been mostly silent in this blog, lot’s of things have happened. The game is now in beta testing and cleared for a release on Steam on 16.02.2016 (or Feb. 16th 2016, for those who prefer the month first).

The official page has been updated and we have a new Gameplay video. You can see how the game looks from the video and page. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from the new artwork, so I’m happy I decided to change it.
The music is new, also, and it’s being made by one Jeremy Coubrough from NZ, who’s taking the play experience to a whole new level with a complete new sound design.

The Steam store page will be online in a few days, as we already have clearance for launching it. This makes me nervous, but very happy at the same time. So now, the only thing that remains is to STAY CALM AND DON’T PANIC before release. Working hard on that!