Flips is almost beta – screenshots

I’ve advanced a lot these days in Flip, specially fixing some long standing bugs with the dragging of pieces, and adding a “navigation” among puzzle types.

So first, a screenshot showing a bit of this navigation:

Flip Screenshot - 20140309

As you can see, I have finished this level. That means that I have solved all the 14 puzzles in it. You can continue playing with them, but it will be boring, better to try a harder one.

Levels can be also mastered, which means that you solved at least 10 of them. That might unlock future levels, or even different puzzle types.

Second screenshot, a new mechanic I thought of and implemented today. I called it “wired puzzles”, and I think it’s self-explanatory.

Flip Screenshot - 20140309_2
I changed also the GUI in the game screen. Now the amount of flips is shown as small darkened pieces that light up as you make moves.

After making a move (flipped last two to the right), here is how it looks:

Flip Screenshot - 20140309_3
You can see two things here: first, an “undo” button just appeared on the left. I think this is better than having it visible all the time, as it will be a more explicit way of showing that you can undo. Second, the flip counter now shows one. When you go over the best minimum (in darkened coins), its colors change:

Flip Screenshot - 20140309_4
You can also see that a new “Restart” button has also appeared. This will be shown after making more than one move, so you can restart the puzzle faster.

Oh, and the beta part? I have fixed most of the annoying bugs, and I think it’s stable and easy to understand enough, but I have to fix the tutorial first and make some videos. After that, I’ll see how I can manage to make a public beta, and work towards final release.