The ‘Sided’ and ‘Image’ Puzzles

So far I’ve shown images featuring the regular (‘Simple’) puzzles and the ‘Wired’ ones. But there are two more puzzle types: Sided and Image. Sided puzzles are unlocked pretty fast, you must only master a Simple level (which means, solving 10 puzzles from any of its levels). The main difference between Sided and Simple is that now orientation matters. Sided puzzles were the first variation I implemented, and required rewriting a considerable part of the puzzle generation code, and how I manage the puzzles internally. It is quite interesting for me to notice how people react to them: they immediately … Continue reading The ‘Sided’ and ‘Image’ Puzzles

New pieces design concept

After receiving several comments about the graphic style, I decided to retouch it a little. It was already the 4th or 5th iteration in the design, and I was very happy about it. I was fully aware that there was a lot of room for improvement, but I also knew that some people just say “it is bad” when they mean “I don’t personally like it”. Nevertheless, I decided to change the font for something slimmer thanks to suggestions by friends, and try to give the pieces also a more delicate look. I like to play with the combination of … Continue reading New pieces design concept

Interface design for Flip

If I have to choose the task that takes the most time for Flip, it’s without doubts the user interface / user experience. I go around everywhere with a tablet with the game loaded, and on every occasion I have, I ask people to try it and takes notes. And I take *Lots* of notes. I’ve probably already tested it with 30 people, and there is not a single time where I do not notice some improvement to make. And it’s not only about changing fonts or colors, it’s about people understanding what is going on without me having to … Continue reading Interface design for Flip

Flip update – gameplay video!

I uploaded to youtube a short gameplay video from the first of the “Wired” levels. I like the way the Wired puzzle looks, although I find it personally difficult to solve in any difficulty setting beyond the first one. To be honest, I have not tried too hard, and puzzles that I found hard to solve before, were much easier after trying some times. Which is good, I think, because that’s the whole idea of difficulty progression: something is a bit hard at first, but after trying some times you can solve it. I’ve been working some days on a … Continue reading Flip update – gameplay video!

Flips is almost beta – screenshots

I’ve advanced a lot these days in Flip, specially fixing some long standing bugs with the dragging of pieces, and adding a “navigation” among puzzle types. So first, a screenshot showing a bit of this navigation: As you can see, I have finished this level. That means that I have solved all the 14 puzzles in it. You can continue playing with them, but it will be boring, better to try a harder one. Levels can be also mastered, which means that you solved at least 10 of them. That might unlock future levels, or even different puzzle types. Second … Continue reading Flips is almost beta – screenshots