Flip update – gameplay video!

I uploaded to youtube a short gameplay video from the first of the “Wired” levels.

I like the way the Wired puzzle looks, although I find it personally difficult to solve in any difficulty setting beyond the first one. To be honest, I have not tried too hard, and puzzles that I found hard to solve before, were much easier after trying some times. Which is good, I think, because that’s the whole idea of difficulty progression: something is a bit hard at first, but after trying some times you can solve it.

I’ve been working some days on a game for the Procedural Death Jam and travelling, so not a lot of advance in Flip, but I managed to implement some nice particle effects when you win, some new sounds, and nice transitions for the Undo button.
Also, I removed the “Undo All” (start level again) button, as it was too easy to click it by accident. And it would not be nice if that happened when you have almost finished a puzzle and only a couple moves remain.

A random tester in a bar (yes, I go to bars with my tablet and ask people to try the game) suggested I might add a “Redo” button. Implementation would not be a problem, but I’m trying to reduce interface clutter and make already existing features more visible. Like the flip counter, which a lot of people just ignore. Time to go back to my old UI books and articles and fix that!