New pieces design concept

After receiving several comments about the graphic style, I decided to retouch it a little. It was already the 4th or 5th iteration in the design, and I was very happy about it. I was fully aware that there was a lot of room for improvement, but I also knew that some people just say “it is bad” when they mean “I don’t personally like it”. Nevertheless, I decided to change the font for something slimmer thanks to suggestions by friends, and try to give the pieces also a more delicate look.

I like to play with the combination of plain colors and subtle textures, with straight lines and curves. The previous pieces had rounded borders and a slightly noisy texture. I opted now for straight lines and a clean faceted look, which is kind of in vogue now in the modern-retro style of some games.

I toyed around with several concepts until decided on one (click to enlarge)

I opted for the two second last (ignoring the hollow “selector” last). For the sided coins I continued using the “mark” to make it explicit that they are sided. On my tests with players, everybody recognized that as a clear cue that they are not symmetrical. I also thought about destroying symmetry (although slightly) even in “simple” pieces, but decided against it.

This new pieces not only look cleaner, but have smaller file size and memory footprint (when stored as compressed textures).

For the selector halo (which indicates visually that you have actually gotten hold of the piece) I continued with something rounded, but more defined now, not just a glow over the piece.

You can see here how it all fits into place, including the new guiding arrows.



I think this new pieces look more refined, and even lighter than the previous ones. And in other color configurations, they help distinguishing them (anyway, I still need to work on the colors).