The ‘Sided’ and ‘Image’ Puzzles

So far I’ve shown images featuring the regular (‘Simple’) puzzles and the ‘Wired’ ones. But there are two more puzzle types: Sided and Image.

Sided puzzles are unlocked pretty fast, you must only master a Simple level (which means, solving 10 puzzles from any of its levels). The main difference between Sided and Simple is that now orientation matters.

Sided puzzles were the first variation I implemented, and required rewriting a considerable part of the puzzle generation code, and how I manage the puzzles internally. It is quite interesting for me to notice how people react to them: they immediately understand the concept, but the first attempt to solve a puzzle they do it as if it were a regular ‘Simple’ now, and after seeing that it was not solved when they only matched the colors, they invariably go ‘Oh!’, and then it just clicks in their heads. 🙂

Sided puzzles also gave way to Image puzzles:

As you can imagine, the mechanic is exactly the same: rotate the pieces to match the picture. What I find interesting about these puzzles is that, although they are exactly like a Sided puzzle where all the pieces have a different color, for me they are much, much harder to solve. It is for sure a perceptual issue, and maybe made worse by the painting I chose here (one from the “Composition” series by Piet Mondrian).

Image puzzles are unlocked after you Master at least one Sided level. The idea is that you first understand the mechanic of sided puzzles, and then you deal with the additional cognitive effort required for solving these.