Quick Design Note: don’t feed unfinished features to casual testers

If you are hiring people to professionally test your game, then you can just tell them to ignore placeholder content, bugs, etc. They will (should!) professionally ignore them and report you on the things that you actually ask them. But when testing with “real” people, users who might casually try your game for just a few minutes, having features not in working condition is not a good idea. It will attract a lot of their attention, and it will be hard for them to ignore them, even if you ask them to. They will assume your game is broken, which will predispose them to evaluate the game in a negative light, and their willingness to test will most probably fall to the floor. If you feel the game is not in condition for testing with casual users, then don’t do it. Remove the feature from the build, and leave only finished stuff for them to try.

453 thoughts on “Quick Design Note: don’t feed unfinished features to casual testers

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