Flip Greenlit!

This is an almost exact copy of an announcement in Greenlight.

Flip was greenlit a week ago, but I have not yet managed to write anything yet.

The game is already finished and was actually released on other channels a year ago, but I’m considering improving it on some areas, including:

  • Better level and puzzle progression: puzzles are generated (almost) randomly, but you cannot finish all possible puzzles for a given level, as they would be too many. But on the other hand, you might never see again a previously played puzzle if you skip it. It should be more predictable. Difficulty ramps up sometimes slow and sometimes fast. It still needs balance. Sometimes in the same level, one puzzle feels very difficult and the next one very easy.
  • Adding a “star/points system”: assign players some points or stars after solving a level no matter how many moves it took them. More stars open more levels.
  • Enabling to reply previous levels: they should be displayed as solved, but anyway still be available to play again. Maybe hints could be added in already solved levels.
  • Interface: level selection is very pretty…
  • Sounds: the flipping sound was felt too strong by some people.
  • Adding keyboard and gamepad support: most playtesting was done with a tablet, as it’s a multiplatform game, and it shows.
  • Improved graphics: if resources are available, I’d like to improve the general look of the game, including the graphic design.

This are just the main points, many more things can be improved. I’ll be working during the follow months on this points and others, and would be more than happy to hear your comments.