Translations coming!

Now that Beta1 was release, I’m again adding new features. First one is localization/internationalization. Not a lot of localizing to do, as there is almost no “localizable content” in the application, so it is mostly translating.

I’m naturally starting with Spanish, then German will follow, and probably French and Polish, which are the languages I can get easily translations for.

Adding multiple languages to an application in the middle of development is not so easy, and less with something like Unity, which encourages you to create content directly in the editor, but does not provide tools for multiple language management. But anyway it is advancing, and here is some proof:

Fortunately there is not a lot of text to translate. And given that my next work item is remaking the tutorial from scratch and removing most of its text, the main issue with translating is adding the hooks for re-reading and re-setting texts as soon as the language was changed. Also, most probably, will as the player the first time he plays for his language of preference.